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A Pastoral Letter from Archbishop Johnson regarding Same Sex marriage. Click here.

Pastoral Guidlines regarding Same Sex marriage. Click here.





What follows are a number of on-line resources that we hope might be useful both from a liturgical and a personal perspective.

Anglican Church of Canada: Orientation Videos prepare General Synod Attendees (July, 2016)

Below one will find the authorized liturgies used in Anglican Church of Canada. One can find both the Book of Alternative Services and the 1959 Book of Common Prayer on this site. As well the guidelines for giving communion to those unable to attend our parish can be accessed at this site. At the Wednesday Eucharist we follow the calendar for Saints Day, commemorations and memorials which can also be found under "For all the Saints" This is the web site:


1. The resources listed below are of great interest for those wanting to explore our rich Anglican heritage. Some of these resources come from the Episcopal Church (USA) which has a vast array of resources. For those of you who like the New Zealand Prayer Book you can find the versions in this section.

SoulSpin Resources
• The Book of Common Prayer ... every edition from 1549 to 1979. Here.
• Prayers and Thanksgivings from the BCP ... Here.
• The (Online) Book of Common Prayer ... Here.
• The Daily Office ... can be read online in Rite I, Rite II or the New Zealand Prayer Book versions. At Mission St. Clare.
• Daily Prayer ... a resource of Forward Movement. Here.
• Holy Women, Holy Men ... Download Holy Women, Holy Men as a .pdf file.
• Speaking to the Soul ... An Episcopal Café blog. Sermons, reflections, multimedia meditations and excerpts from books on spirituality. Here.
• The Imitation of Christ ... Available free online.

2. The following resources may be of assistance to those reading the lessons on Sundays and Wednesdays

Bible&Worship Resources
• The Lectionary ... A collection of Lectionary resources for the Episcopal Church, updated Sunday night. Here.
• Lectionary Page ... A liturgical calendar for upcoming weeks, with links to readings from the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL), as adapted for use in Episcopal worship. Here.
• Revised Common Lectionary ... Here.
• The Liturgical Calendar ... BCP, Lesser Feasts and Fasts, HWHM ... Here.
• Oremus Bible Browser ... Here.
• Enriching our Worship and Same-Sex Blessings ... Free download here.

3. The resources listed here come from the Church of England. On Sundays it is not unusual for some of this material to be used especially on feast days of the church.



4. For those who read the prayers of the people please look under the heading Ministry and Stewardship on the home page of our parish website.


5. For those who like to follow what is going on in the Anglican Communion

 (1) The Episcopal Church websitenews servicenews service blog
 (2) Episcopal Café
 (3) AngicansOnline website and news centre.
 (4) The Living Church
 (5) The Anglican Communion website and news service.

5. And finally, the following is from the web site of St. Peter’s, Drogheda, Ireland

A Beginner’s Guide to the Anglican Communion

Note that the views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect any official thinking of the Anglican Communion or its member Churches
Anglicanism for Dummies (with apologies!)This section is aimed at people who’ve never been inside an Anglican/Episcopalian Church, or who are entirely new to Christianity. Perhaps you’ve walked past a church and wondered what goes on inside, or perhaps you’ve heard a lot about Christianity from the media and you’re wondering if what you’ve heard is representative of Christianity as a whole. (A lot of it isn’t. The extremists at both edges get most of the publicity, while the majority of Anglicans sit firmly in the middle of the spectrum.)
These pages aren’t meant to be a comprehensive guide to Christian belief. It’s intended to give you some background information so that – we hope – you’ll feel comfortable enough to come along to a church service and begin finding out more about us. We welcome visitors: coming along for a look doesn’t commit you to anything.
This is part of the website of St Peter’s, Drogheda in Ireland, but most of the information here is applicable to all Anglican/Episcopalian Churches, and much of it applies to all mainstream Christian churches.
Please click on the navigation bar to the right to go to any particular section.



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