Music Ministries

The Choir

The first priority of the Choir at All Saints' Church is the enhancement of the liturgy at both the 10:30 Service on Sundays and at special services throughout the year. The Choir sings a wide variety of music in differing styles, from plainchant to contemporary settings of the Eucharist.

Syd Birrell is the Director of Music and Organist at All Saints'.

For more information contact Director of Music Syd Birrell through the church office at 705-876-1501.

Choral Scholarships

The Choral Scholar programme, supported by the Heritage Trust, provides a very valuable outreach to the community by offering bursaries to young people in exchange for the contribution of their talents to the service of the church. These young people often stay with All Saints' after their scholarship period.

Choral Scholarships are offered to high school students who, after passing an audition, are admitted to the Choir. The recipients are young people committed to singing and with a fair background in music. At the conclusion of the school year each scholar receives a scholarship in support of further studies. For more information contact the church office.

Our wonderful Choir - Thanks for all the wonderful music!




Specification of the organ - Gabriel Kney (1985)

8 Pommer 16
Celeste (Ten C) 
8 Praestant 8
Gedeckt Flote 
8 Rohr Flote 8
Offen Flote 
4 Oktav 4
2 Spitz Flote 4
1 1/3 Nasat 2 2/3
Scharfi (1’) 
III Block Flote 2
16 Terz 1 3/5
8 Mixture (1 l/ 3) IV
Zimbel II
Trompete 8
Mechanical Action
16 4 Thumb Pistons to Great
Sub Bass
16 4 Thumb Pistons to Swell
Oktav Bass
8 6 Thumb General Pistons
Gedeet Bass
8 6 Toe Pistons to Pedal
Choral Bass
4 6 Toe Pistons duplicating Thumb Generals Pistons
Mixture (2 2/3)
IV Full Organ Thumb
16 Full Organ Toe
8 Great/Pedal Thumb Piston



Choir Activities

We are pleased to welcome other choirs to All Saints'.



The Pub Chorale

The Pub Chorale is an annual variety show organized and presented by the choir.  This antidote to the February "Blahs" began in 2000 and has increased in popularity since.  This event is the choir's annual fundraising activity and usually occurs in late January or early February. Please check out the Photo Galleries for images of past shows.






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08:30 AM Holy Eucharist (said Eucharist)

10:30 AM* Choral Eucharist
* Choral Mattins will normally be scheduled once/month- see "Worship Services menu"

Said Eucharist on Thursdays @ 10:00 AM

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