Heritage Trust

Heritage Trust

We at All Saints' enjoy a particularly rich inheritance due to the faithfulness of those who have served before us. Dating back to 1875 the parish has served the community in the present church building since 1909 and rededicated in 1985 after a devastating fire in 1983. We hope All Saints' will continue to be a place to worship and to serve those in need through participation in God's work.

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There are four ways in which you may continue to serve today and beyond your own lifetime:

  1. a bequest through your will
  2. a gift of a life insurance policy
  3. a thanksgiving gift to remember a loved one
  4. Donations of Securities. Click here for form.

A bequest through your will. A bequest of a specific amount of money, real or personal property (e.g. real estate, stocks, bonds, units of a Canadian Mutual Fund, Trust or Registered Plan etc.) through your will is an opportunity to make a meaningful gift to assist All Saints in carrying out its ongoing work in the parish and in meeting its mission objectives. The gift can also be in the form of an endowment with the funds specified for a church purpose.
By making a gift through your will during your lifetime you will participate in the work of the church even after your death. "For where your treasure is there will your heart be also." Luke 12:34

Life Insurance as a Gift. When you purchase a life insurance policy in your name or assign a policy you already own in which you name All Saints' as the owner and irrevocable beneficiary, all premiums paid qualify as a charitable, tax deductible donation. By naming your church as beneficiary, you are giving out of income rather than wealth. Simply by making monthly premium payments, you can create a policy worth far more than you could otherwise afford to give.

Other Ways to Give. A memorial gift of money or the transfer of real or personal property (e.g. equities) to All Saints,' may be given in memory of a family member, a loved one or a family friend.

How to Give
Gifts to All Saints' either through your will, a life insurance policy or as a memorial will depend on your individual circumstances and the needs of your family. While gifts can be unrestricted or designated, it is preferable that your gift be unrestricted. In this way your gift becomes immediately available to the needs of the church.

Administration of the Heritage Trust. The trust is administered by a consisting of two church wardens, three elected lay people of the parish and the treasurer and incumbent as non-voting members. Any of these members is available to give you further information about one or more of the programs referred to above.
Heritage Trust provides an opportunity to add to the benefits future generations will enjoy at All Saints'. It enables you to assist the Church to continue its work as God's agent in nurturing and promoting His work through the Church in the community. It provides the ability for a living memorial for yourself, your family or a loved one.


Heritage Trust at work

Some examples:
Tower Completion (1996)
To finish a good work begun in 1909
Summer Children's Programmes
A great gift to neighbourhood children
Choral Scholars (Youth)
A great way to remember a loved one through the gift of making music.
Numerous Memorials beautifying the Sanctuary and Grounds of All Saints'
Signs everywhere that we remember those who have gone before us.
Funding to Maintain a Heritage Building
Without this generous help our heritage is in jeopardy.
Installation of the new Sound System (2006)


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