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Peterborough Commission Committee Mandate-Click here

“All Saints’ Perspective on the Implementation of the Peterborough Covenant Commission Recommendations”

The mandate of Bishop White and the Diocesan Assessment Commission is to recommend which two Peterborough locations they feel will meet the needs of the Anglican-Lutheran community in Peterborough.

To assist the Assessment Commission, Bishop White has requested that each of the five Peterborough parishes submit a report by April 25 in which they provide comments about locations relative to the Commission’s mandate.

 Attached is the All Saints’ report entitled “All Saints’ Perspective on the Implementation of the Peterborough Covenant Commission Recommendations”.

In our report, we comment on the Covenant Commission’s Final Report of last November including identification of the strengths of the All Saints’ location.

Yours Sincerely,

All Saints’ Wardens, Incumbent, Clergy and Parish Council

Click here to view the “All Saints’ Perspective on the Implementation of the Peterborough Covenant Commission Recommendations”.

An Anglican-Lutheran Community in Peterborough

Important News regarding the future of the Anglican-Lutheran Churches of Peterborough:

1. Final report from the Commission - Click here

2. Letter from Bishop Patrick White - Click here

3. Motion for Approval in Principal - Click here

4. A note from Bishop Patrick. Click here

5. A letter from Father Geoff Click here

A Special Meeting of Vestry for All Saints was held on 12 February in the nave of the church for the purpose of presenting a Motion from the Covenant process for a vote by parishioners.

The Motion

the option as recommended by the Bishop’s Commission in their Final Report of Options for the Best Use of the Resources to Support the Mission and Ministry of the Anglican and Evangelical Lutheran Church in the City of Peterborough of October 19, 2016 to reduce the current five parishes of All Saints’ Anglican, Christ Evangelical Lutheran, St John the Evangelist Anglican, St Barnabas Anglican and St Luke’s Anglican to two parishes, each with a new name, two governance structures, worshiping at two locations be approved in principle;
AND that the Anglican Bishop of Toronto and the Bishop of the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) establish an Assessment Commission made up of two Anglican clergy and two Anglican lay members of Synod, nominated by the Anglican Bishop of Toronto, plus one Evangelical Lutheran member, nominated by the ELCIC Eastern Synod Bishop, to evaluate and assess each parish facility, programs and ministries and recommend which two parishes are best suited to implement the recommended option and report their findings/recommendations by May 31, 2017 to the Anglican and Evangelical Lutheran Bishops.
The Motion was passed by  97% percent of the people present. The same Motion was passed in favour by the other Anglican-Lutheran churches in Peterborough in substantial majorities.

Next steps

  • Early March 2017 – Diocesan Bishops to establish an ‘Assessment Group’ (a Bishop’s Commission, Canon 13)
  • 31 May 2017  – ‘Assessment Group’ to report their recommendations to the Diocesan Bishops.  Copies of the ‘Assessment Group’s ’ Report to be distributed to all parishes
  • 30 June 30 2017 – Anglican Diocese of Toronto and ELCIC Eastern Synod governing councils to approve the recommendations conveyed by the Bishops
  • September 2017 – Implementation process begins

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An Overview of the process

The four Anglican churches in Peterborough have developed the Peterborough Covenant among the Peterborough Anglican Churches. Click here to view the Covenant.

A Summary of the process: In May of 2012, Bishop Linda Nicholls called a meeting with the priests of the then five Anglican churches in town. The clergy met in Beaverton with Diocesan staff who presented statistics showing that over the past 20 years, attendance at Anglican churches in Peterborough has dropped by nearly 50%. Like every other mainline church, all of our congregations have an aging population, and all have some concerns about finances. We were told that given the population of Peterborough, if a denomination were thinking of planting a church, they would plant one or, at the most, two churches. We were challenged to begin thinking about how as Anglicans we could best serve our community. The reality was clear that if we did nothing, our current model of ministry was not sustainable. Since that conversation, as we know, St. Alban’s has amalgamated with All Saints.

Steps toward developing the Covenant included weekly meetings of all the clergy of the Peterborough Anglican churches for prayer, fellowship and support. Additionally, Bishop Linda instituted a series of on-going meetings with the leadership and some parishioners of each of the churches meeting together for conversation and ideas.

Out of all of these conversations a covenant was drafted that would enable the clergy and laity of the four churches to work together in a collaborative manner. This covenant will be for an initial two-year period. Each parish will continue to have its own wardens and vestry. Wardens from the four churches met to discuss the proposed covenant and the benefits of working together. The covenant opens the door to limitless possibilities, and the Vestries of all four churches approved the covenant at special vestries in March of 2014following a series of Town Hall meetings. Click here for a synopsis of the conversations at the Town Hall meetings. This has been an important step in the lives of our Peterborough churches.

In these times of change and transition, we need to remember that our God is faithful and true. We believe we are being led into a future more wonderful than we can imagine.

For more information please check out the following documents:

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Linda Nichols

The Time Lines

Progress Notes (Febreary 4, 2014)


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