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Steward Street Park

A new park bench and picnic table have been installed in the park south of Sherbrooke Street as a result of combined fundraising efforts by the Stewart Street Neighbourhood Association and the All Saints Missional Committee.  Additional funds have been provided by the All Saints Heritage Trust.  The benches will provide accessible & durable resting spots for people in the community.  They also celebrate the partnership between All Saints and our neighbourhood and recognize the efforts of the community members who initiated the project.  We plan to hold a dedication and celebration with the neighbours in the spring.  Until then, you can take a short walk over there to see them for yourselves.


Swing Night - Sept 29, 2018

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing! All Saints Anglican Church hosted it's first Swing Dance event on Saturday, September 29, 2019 in accordance with the Mission Quest Initiative to connect students and locals with the church community. The Parish Hall doors opened to welcome in over 60 guests for a night of dancing and live music. The event began with an introductory dance lesson by the outstanding Gabia Ferguson and her partner Gregory Axelson from the Dance With Me studio. Gabia, who alse teaches Latin dancing at St.Peter's Church in Couberg, Ontario, was thrilled to host such a large event with so many volunteers getting up to join the dancing. The instructors, along with their students, made newcomers and experienced dancers acquainted with basic footwork, partner stance and maneuvers such as spins and twists. After a short break, local ensemble "Swing Set" (led by musical director and composer Justin Hiscox) performed two sets of classic Swing, Rock and Roll and Jazz tunes as guests twirled and bopped through a night of social dancing. Band members were thankful that their hard work and musicality was appreciated by a grateful crowd. 

Anouther pleasant compliment to the hard efforts of the organizers was the grateful feedback of guests.

"Marianne and I enjoyed the opportunity to try swing dance. Your efforts to initiate something new and different should give a sense of accomplishment" writes All Saints Choir Member Jeff Lawrence. 

"The swing dance night was a fun change of pace from my busy life as a student and choir member. The clear instruction from Gabia made it easy to start dancing right away and there is nothing better than having live music to dance to! Having this event was a fun way to meet new people as well as learn a new skill in a familiar setting. Many thanks for coming up with the idea and getting the whole night organized with all the others who pitched in. It made for a truly fun evening!” exclaims Mitchell Mcmahon, a Trent student.

“This Swing Dance is nothing like what I’d seen in Lindsay. I wish I knew how to organize one so I could bring the experience back home” one enchanted guest (who wished to remain anonymous) told us in private.

The event would not have been possible without the All Saints Church Committee and volunteers especially  Alan Wotherspoon, Suzanne Mcmillan, Randy Pagett, Hermione Rivison, Grant Drury, Trudy Farquhar, Ann and Tom Bell, Barb Wraight, Tonya Leah Watts, Renee Paul, Janice and Eric Sloan.

Whether it was meeting someone new, catching-up with an old friend or simply sitting back to enjoy the atmosphere - the soiree had something in store for everyone. After the success of the occassion, organizer Ioulia Timocheva hopes the church will continue bringing forward fresh and engaging activities that not only highlight the beauty of the parish space, but the warm, generous, approachable and neighborly attitudes of all its members.

Mission Quest has approved Plants for People, a project to purchase and tend a plot in the Stewart Street Community Garden.  The goal is to raise vegetables that can be shared with people in our church neighbourhood. An additional benefit is helping people in the community tend their gardens,  as well as a chance for people at All Saints to interact with each other and with our neighbours while working in the garden.  We would love to include more people from All Saints. If you can help out for a couple of hours every two weeks, you would help the garden, help the neighbours and enjoy the rewards of working together to provide fresh food for people who need it. The plot has been weeded and turned over already.  Help  is needed to keep the weeds away and to plant the garden.  Please contact Sally Rye if you can help in any way.  Phone 705-749-6135 or email  ryesally4 @gmail.com.

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